Edinburgh, October 1654. In the wake of the Civil Wars, Aristeles Salonikos is looking for a man with the power to repel and destroy. He plans on offering him immortality in exchange for his help. Dreams of glory, a wish for living, hopes for a better world: the road to Hell is definitely paved with the best of intentions.

Warsaw, April 1943. As what remains of the ghetto is headed for a last stand, Rabbi Steiner weaves faith and magic to create a golem that will protect his people. Where life and death collide, where fire and chaos claim human souls as their own, there the creature roams free. Feeling that he’s the only one still able to stop it, young mage Ludwik Czislowski invokes a True Name to bind the raging horror. Yet what is the price of giving a name to that which was never meant to have one?

Paris, February 1989. On a cold winter night, on the Austerlitz Bridge, Moira is fighting a woman the likes of which she has never seen, and for the first time in her life, she is aware that she is going to die. Falling into the dark and murky waters of the Seine river, her last thought is that nobody will remember her. And her heart screams in despair.

Bristol, May 2008. A-level student Louisa Keynes wakes up in a white hospital room, after a car crash left her in a coma for ten months, only to find out that something else has changed. Her nights plagued by weird dreams, a strange power burning in her, she finally drops her original project of applying to Oxford and, against her family’s wishes, aims for London College instead. Lou wants to learn the truth; until then, she just cannot give it a rest.

London, December 2009. In a dark Aldgate alley, sys-op Echoes and blood sorceress Ring discover a corpse whose Heart was literally ripped away. At St Pancras, Marek Van Cartier is about to wreak havoc, a sweet smile on his lips. Standing on the platform at Tottenham Court Road tube station, Lyle Karlowitz is staring at a heartless woman in a colourless world. And Louisa Keynes is riding the Northern Line, wondering how just a few months were enough to reduce her family to shambles.

From beyond a wall of thorns, the hand of death is about to curb fate to its will.

What was and what is shall now meet.