Quick gallery update

October 3

Added a couple of illustrations for Echoes, because I’m really into that guy at the moment. Well, one of them is quite straightforward. The other is… less evident if you don’t know him too well (or if you don’t read my comments under the picture, for that matter).

Character Profiles: Mother

September 24

Because this story wouldn’t be the same without a few villains, here’s one of them already: Mother, from the 2009 London arc.

I was planning on writing Louis Valdemar’s profile as well tonight, but first I want to draw a picture of him; it’d look better this way…

Character Profiles: Ring and Aristeles

September 21

Some more stuff to read: I’ve just added character profiles for Ring, the (somehow creepy) child-looking Blood Witch in the 1989 and 2009 arcs, as well as for Aristeles Salonikos, the elusive yet powerful leader of the Anima Mundi.

Tropes page completed, at last

August 31

Well, I doubt it’s really complete, since I’m bound to add more tropes to it sooner or later… but at least, I’ve copied the list of Was TV tropes on this website. Since those were ready for ages, I don’t know why I hadn’t done that sooner. Oh, well.

List of Was tropes

Recent pictures

July 12

I don’t draw that much for Was, which is a shame, so I tried to remedy this problem. The result isn’t too significant, but hey, at least I managed to draw Layla and Ring!

Short stories and character profiles

March 26

Added a few more things today:

A few more for the Gallery

March 25

A few more pictures added in the Gallery—mostly characters depictions, but also a “Scenes” album, in which I’ll add the (few) drawings I did of, well, scenes that happened (or might have… or didn’t.. or never will!) in the story.


Working on the gallery

March 19

At last, I’ve remembered that since I had several pictures done for Was already, I’d better put them on the Gallery page here. Which is now done—well, for a few of them, at least: some of the early works I had done in 2008, the two tentative “chapter covers” I drew last year, and some mock “secrent agents files” that I had done for fun, last year as well.

More to come later on.

Enter Marek

December 4

Here’s another character profile, that of Marek Van Cartier. Let me tell you that this one is quite a mouthful in the story.

And a page for Lyle

November 15

Right, it was high time I started working on this website again, now that the rush of the back-to-school time is over, and that I’m on a very good track with NaNoWriMo.

So here’s another character page. This time, it concerns Lyle Karlowitz.

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Was is a novel in progress started by Yzabel Ginsberg in November 2009 for NaNoWriMo, and providing its author with the kind of fun she hasn’t known in a long while.

The first volume, Was itself, weaves two major plotlines: one set in 2009 London, and the other in 1989 Paris. Light is also shed on several other events in 1654, 2008 and a few other significant dates (significant for the ones involved, that is). All the while, it follows the steps of several characters whose lives slowly become tangled after they witness strange occurrings closely linked to the world of the dead.

The second volume, Is, focuses on the 2009 arc, its other main timeframe being 1943 and—again—a couple of others.