Ring is Echoes’s partner in the 2009 arc, as well as a former colleague of Zerstörer’s in 1989.


Ring appears as a child  of about 10 or 12, with long black hair usually worn in two braids, or at least gathered in two long locks. Her eyes are unusually dark as well, almost black (which is, in itself, very odd). She bears marks/tattoos on her face, notably on her cheeks and forehead. Her clothing of choice seems to be comprised of cloaks, long coats, and long dresses and skirts.


Contrary to her youthful appearance, Ring most often behaves like a serious old lady, always prone to teaching “the young ones” about magic. She seldom smiles, not out of meanness, but because she is all too aware of the dark creatures and troublesome spirits lurking behind the shiny facade of what people (and most mages themselves) call “the world”. Ring does her best to keep this mask of hers on: she’s afraid that allowing herself to show affection towards others would cause her to waver in the end.

Background story

Known during most of the story as “Ring” only, this witch is the last membre of an old Blood Circle from Cornwall. Seeing how their Circle was dwindling, her peers decided to entrust their knowledge and powers to their youngest recruit, the only daughter of their own youngest. At the age of 12, Ring thus became the focus of a complex ritual, before being put under the close guard of her mother, who taught her carefully that most of this power was never to be used. The price to pay: abandon her Name, and d never grow up, remaining forever in that child-like body. This would allow her to live longer, until the day she could pass on the powers inherited from the Blood Circle.

A stern girl who always took her role very seriously, Ring joined the Anima Mundi in the hopes that she could make a difference by hunting down the Necromancers whose activity started plaguing Eastern Europe after World War II. To do so, she acquired much knowledge that made her not so different from them in the end, except that she didn’t use it to raise the dead, only to better understand her enemies. When she was paired with Echoes, she started developing quite a liking for him, in spite of her resolve to remain distant.


Ring is a Blood Witch: her primary tools involve blades and the use of blood (her own or that of others) to power her magic. She knows many healing spells, is able to see spirits and ghosts, and walk in the interstice between the physical world and the Spirit world (including the Deadlands). She displays extensive knowledge about old witchcraft rituals—so much that some Anima Mundi willworkers actually say it is quite close to a Necromancer’s (which she doesn’t appreciate).


+ Although she’ll never admit it openly (and somewhat to herself as well), she deeply dislikes Echoes getting into dire straits.

+ Contrary to most Anima Mundi Agents, she doesn’t try to conceal her facial markings, having tattooed her face in a way that mirrors these spiritual patterns.