Mother is the name of the main antagonist in the 2009 arc.


Mother appears as an ageless woman clad in a white dress and billowing white cloak. Her long black hair almost seems gifted with a life of its own when it’s not hidden under her large white hood. Her lips are black, as well as the ‘white’ part of her eyes, whose irises are a deep blood-red. She also sports two black spiral marks on her cheeks, right under her eyes, and other dark marks on her limbs and body, resembling brambles. One of her most striking features is the large hole in her chest, piercing her from part to part: the sign of a Heartless ghost.


Mother is a mysterious figure who can be just as cruel as she is cajoling towards her underlings. She tends to remain calm and composed, her voice soft and warm in spite of her Heartless state; but as soon as she’s angered, both voice and presence become extremely cold. She behaves as a leading figure among the Heart-Catchers, able as she was to transcend her state and become fully sentient again.

Background story

Heart-Catchers are ghosts who have lost so much of themselves in the Deadlands that they have also lost their ‘Heart’ (their ability to be reincarnated in a new life). The only thing that awaits them being Oblivion, they instinctively resort to devouring other ghosts in order to sustain their shadowy existence a little longer, and are thus feared among the spirits of the dead. The only chance one has against them is that they are driven by instinct only, not by reason, as as such can be easily outwitted. However, rumour has it that once in a while, a Heart-Catcher manages to eat enough souls at once to regain sentience, thus becoming a pure Heartless. Mother is one of those.

Little is known of her origins or her goals, except that she goes around tricking Necromancers and capturing their Hearts while leaving their human bodies alive, thus making them “living Heart-Catchers” bound to obey her if they don’t want to be obliterated. Through their magic and connection to the Deadlands, those Necromancers in turn become able to temporarily tear a hole in the Thorn Wall (the barrier between the Deadlands and the Land of the Quick), and allow Heart-Catchers to come in and attack humans directly to steal their Hearts. Mother also scours the Deadlands in search of ghosts she could turn into Heart-Catchers, but little is know of what use she plans to put this growing ‘army’ of hers to. To build its ranks, at least, she doesn’t hesitate to order her minions to kill dozens of humans at once.

Although nobody knows the reason as of yet, she also has an interest in the Necromancer that was known as Louis Valdemar in the 1989 arc; as well as in Lyle Karlowitz, who is clearly lacking a Heart without having ever been one of her victims. As a result, she considers anything that comes between her and him (including Lou and Echoes at some point) as an obstacle that must be eradicated.

Her main allies are the Slicer and the Woman In Black.


Mother is able to steal Hearts from living beings, and is also powerful enough to tear a hole herself in the Thorn Wall, though she cannot do it repeatedly either. Given her nature, her attacks are of the spiritual kind, aiming at one’s Spiritual Pattern in order to cause reflected damage in the Life one in turn. She might have been a witch at some point during her human life.


+ The author admits that prior to actually starting writing, she had no idea this character would exist.

+ Also, Mother is clad in white because black just seemed too common for an Evul Spectre Of Doom.