Marek Van Cartier is an Anima Mundi agent with the very uncommon ability to negate parts of Reality around him.


Marek looks to be in his early thirties—there is no grey yet in his dark brown, shoulder-length wavy hair. His deep grey eyes usually cast a dreamy look on the world from behind his silver-rimmed round glasses, and he tends to smile a lot. Tall and lithe, although more on the muscular side than on the really thin one, he fancies elegant suits and long coats in dark colours, often in various shades of grey.


A very pleasant man with a sweet smile on his lips, Marek becomes way less pleasant after a while, when people realise that he is always smiling, no matter what he says or does—and that he regularly performs gruesome enough feats, even when it means harming himself. Although he tends to control his own reactions quite well, and is hard to anger, keeping him in check once he’s snapped out of his Mr Nice Guy mode is fairly difficult. He’s obsessed with Layla, and with Lyle to a lesser extent.

Background story

Marek Van Cartier, born Mark Jäger to a Hessian minor noble and his Dutch wife, used to be a mercenary who fought for Thomas Fairfax’s armies during the English Civil Wars. Once the war was over, he was approached by Aristeles Salonikos, who offered him immortality in exchange for his rare and destructive power, for him to develop it without encurring death, the fate of all his ancestors. Aristeles’ aim was to create an organisation of mages dedicated to keeping balance in the world; Marek accepted his offer, feeling this might be the only way for him to achieve something positive with his ‘curse’. He later on became known as ‘der Zerstörer’ in 1683, at the Battle of Kahlenberg near Vienna, due to the destruction he spread in his wake. 

As a member of the Anima Mundi, Van Cartier is Aristeles’ wild card, thanks to his nullifying ability and his uncanny way of erasing his existence from people’s memories at will, thus blending easily about everywhere. However, centuries of using his powers to an extent none of his kind had ever reached, often dying in the process, have left his psyche growingly unstable. He’s known for his bizarre tendency to throw himself in violent fights, for the sheer thrill they give him, even though this might impede his mission.

The only person who is still able to somewhat control him is Aristeles—probably because he’s more of a Chessmaster than him, and because the two of them enjoy quite a specific and twisted relationship, both physical and through feelings… if feelings still have a meaning in Marek’s case, that is.


Marek can negate Reality around him upon physical or at least close contact, ranging from erasing an item or living matter to nullifying energies and magical effects. The downsides of his power range from wounds to complete death from organ failure, counteracted in his case by his highly efficient regeneration ability—but not without causing temporary instability, and heavy mental damage in the long run. His immortality is not the result of his own magic, but of alchemy performed on him by Aristeles Salonikos.


+ In the beginning, Marek’s personality was to be much more aloof. Then he suddenly called Echoes “that cute little Technomancer”, and this changed my way of writing this character forever.

+ Marek has also become (in)famous for his over-the-top antics, including stabbing himself in the throat in front of his partners to prove a point, Breaking The Cutie™, and crossing the line twice (well, rather jumping rope with the line, and forcing it to bear his bastard children, or something).