Lyle Karowitz is a strange young man who drives a black cab in London for a living.


Lyle is about 25, of average build that however hints at hidden strength. His hair is a light sandy blonde, save for two coloured locks he usually keeps braided (one jet-black, the other blood-red). His chest bears a long scar, as if from a heart transplant, but deeper and with six ‘branches’. From a spiritual standpoint, this scar appears as a fist-sized hole piercing him from part to part. As far as outer appearance goes, Lyle also demonstrates a very underdeveloped sense of fashion, and mostly ends up wearing run-of-the-mill jeans, sweaters and T-shirts.


Lyle is quite the odd and aloof person, to the point of very often putting people at unease after a while. The paradox of his existence is that he desperately wants to be like others; he’s just so lousy at it that the more efforts he makes, the weirder he appears. There’s a somewhat stalker-like quality to his behaviour, in that he can remain quiet and unmoving for hours on end to watch over something or someone. His motives are perfectly innocent, though.

Background story

Nobody knows when Lyle was born, including Lyle himself—although his ID card states ‘March 6″—nor if he still has any family left. The only sure things to him are that he woke up twenty years ago clutching a gun in his hand, with a painful wound on his chest and a lot of missing memories… and that he’s probably not really human to start with, for he doesn’t age nor sleep, and doesn’t even need to eat or drink.

For the past ten years or so, he’s been driving a black cab in London for a living, both because he likes that and because it allows him to be on night duty, covering for the fact that he never sleeps. He uses his free time to read a lot and attempt at understanding what makes humans human, as well as how to become like them. He doesn’t really have friends, save for his colleague Brent Chadwick. At some point, he may have partaken in a shadier kind of business, but never to the point of willingly hurting people (he owns a CZ 75 gun, original Czech model; he never uses it).

Since his meeting Louisa Keynes, he’s been seized by a growing need to remain at her side and protect her, no matter the threat; the sheer presence of Marek Van Cartier terrifies him; and ‘Mother’ wants him. He has no idea why.


Although Lyle is not a mage, he still displays inhuman resilience and strength, to the point of being able to take an entropic wave frontly and remain unscathed. He also seems impervious to a lot of magical attacks.


+ Lyle is known for his regular Blue Screens Of Death, that happen for the most trivial of reasons (such as forgetting to buy the groceries, then being confronted about it). All the while remaining completely unfazed when seeing a ghost or witnessing a Tube crash.