Louisa Keynes is a freshman at Birkbeck in London, and a recently-awoken Technomancer who’s still discovering some of her magickal abilities.


A 19-years-old young woman (soon to be 20), Louisa is of average height and thin build. She usually wears her long jet-black hair down to her waist, but no matter her efforts, a shorter strand of hair always ends up getting in front of her face. Her eyes are a deep, piercing green, and often filled with a serious and determined expression. She likes wearing short skirts, striped stockings and knee-high boots, and often carries around a sleek black netbook.


When she was younger, Lou used to be an obedient girl, too shy for her own good, and always eager to please the grown-ups in general, and her parents in particular. For the past year or so, however, she’s been gradually opening up and gaining in assertiveness and determination. She now behaves in quite an open and sometimes even blunt way, telling people a piece of her mind whenever she feels like it, but also encouraging them to voice out their thoughts and assert their own personality. Although she feels rather powerless, she doesn’t like remaining a mere witness while other people do all the work, and so she tries to help in her own way (even though most of her spells aren’t of the combat type).

Background story

Born in Bristol on January 6, 1990, the only child of Dr. Frederick Keynes and Melanie Stanford-Keynes has always been an outstanding pupil and a good student—so much that from her childhood onwards, her family has always encouraged her to get the best results in school. Growing up, she felt like she had to own up to their expectations, and focused on her studies to the detriment of many other aspects of her life, only building fragile and superficial ‘friendships’ with her classmates. This strong desire to please caused her to keep in the background as long as school work wasn’t involved; she never dared speak up for herself, nor get interested in a boy in middle school.

In July 2007, however, Louisa’s life took a turn for the worst—or maybe for the best? For the first time, she got into a heated argument with her mother, which ended up in her leaving her parents’ home in a rush. On the way to the house of her then-friend Diana, she failed to see the car when she crossed the road, and got hit full-force, her accident resulting in multiple wounds. She laid in hospital in a coma for 10 solid months, only to wake up in May 2008. At that point, she realized that nothing in her world would ever be the same. Not only was she late on her A-levels, not only her so-called ‘friends’ had stopped visiting her and really caring about her, she also started receiving odd e-mails on her laptop, in spite of not having any connection to the internet. When she decided to follow their content at last, she found herself in a chat-room full of people who revealed to her that she was actually a mage, and who taught her to channel her powers through the use of technological devices, and, more specifically, a netbook of a brand she had never heard of before.

Louisa has never told her family about that, nor about another consequence of her accident: weird dreams that plague her nights, sometimes just being odd, sometimes filling her with fear. In search of the truth behind these dreams, and following the advice of some of her new friends from the #realitybusters chat-room, she has decided to pursue her studies at Birkbeck, instead of Oxbridge, believing that one of the keys to this truth lies there. She doesn’t know what or who that key might be yet, but her instincts tell her that she’s on the right track. And for once in her life, she wants to believe in what she deems really worth it, instead of doing what the rest of the world expects from her.


Lou’s magick mostly deals with influencing probabilities (the forces of ‘chaos’ around her) and shaping energies such as electricity. However, she is also able to act on matter to a certain extent, and to see and sometimes contact very minor Spirits (she calls them ‘Daemons’).


+ Lou grew up from a high-school pupil (in the first version of the story) to being a student; her personality and design changed accordingly.

+ Her clothing style tends to vary a lot depending on her mood. Since she never really did what she wanted before her accident, she’s kind of catching up on lost time, and trying to find out what she likes.