Layla is the bodyguard and private assassin working for Louis Valdemar in the 1989 arc.


A tall pale-skinned woman with wavy shoulder-length light-blonde hair, Layla is on the slim but athletic side. Her clear blue-grey eyes never betray any emotion, and her face is usually devoid of all expression as well. She often wears white, light grey or cream-coloured elegant  clothes, as per requested by her Master.


Layla is the perfect cold-blooded killer, never questioning Valdemar’s orders, and always obeying his every wishes with the utmost efficiency. As his bodyguard, she is silent and resilient; as his weapon, she is silent and deadly. In both cases, she carries the job fast, without any useless moves.

Background story

Very little is known about Layla. Early enough in the story, Agent Caliban says she’s “not even a woman, but a thing”, revealing that her origins are clearly not human. She was either created or summoned by Louis Valdemar to do his bidding, and is rumoured to possess neither emotions nor knowledge about what’s right and what’s wrong. She’s also the one who killed Agent Paul “Dowser” Bachimont and Liaison Moira McDowell in February 1989, and  heavily wounded Caliban. However, there might be much more than meets the eye about her. Marek Van Cartier has taken quite a specific interest to her, an interest which, in the end, might have been reciprocated.

Layla supposedly disappeared at the same time as her Master, but contrary to the latter’s, her body was never found.


Layla is a cold-blooded killer, able to defile a person bare-handed as much as by using weapons. Although she’s often seen carrying—and making use of—a CZ 75 handgun, she prefers close-contact fighting. Her physical appearance belies her true strength and incredible resilience, her being not human to start with.


+ Layla’s appearance is modelled on that of Number 6 in the 2005 Battlestar Galactica TV series, as portrayed by Tricia Helfer.