Echoes (Ewan Doyle) is a Technomancer working for the Anima Mundi agent, and Ring’s partner.


Echoes is a young man in his mid-twenties, with light brown eyes and unruly shoulder-length blond hair. He’s about 6’2 and quite thin, in spite of the amounts of food he tends to gulp down. Due to his official, mundane job, he’s often seen wearing corporate garb (white shirts, black pants, black shoes—although you’ll have to get up early to ever see him wear a tie the proper way).


Echoes never minds throwing in a couple of jokes, tends to behave in a friendly manner towards anyone he happens to meet, and usually leaves the benefit of the doubt even to those whom circumstances are clearly against. He also displays quite a few quirks, among which his fidgety way of sitting in odd positions, and, not the least, his weird food habits—the way he usually puts ingredients together would give nightmares or at least nausea to a lot of people. Overall, he’s a pretty nice guy, but beware of ever betraying him and getting on his bad side, for he can become just as nasty and dangerous as he used to be open and casual—especially if his friends are hurt and/or threatened.

Background story

Ewan Doyle (not his real name) has been a mage since his early teens. His abilities developed through technological devices mostly: he’s always been unable to practice more “traditional” rituals, even though he does understand how they work… in theory. He reluctantly joined the Anima Mundi when he was 18, and has since then been operating as a scrying agent, focused on spying tasks and setting up magical wards.

Originally part of another team, he was paired in late 2007 with Agent Ring to keep an eye on the Canary Wharf area. Although neither of them has ever really understood why this choice had seemed an excellent one to the eyes of the Archon of Britain, they both acknowledged—after much trial and error, and quite an amount of minor ‘accidents’—that their skills were fairly complementary, provided they found an efficient way to unite them. Which they did. Ring brings her knowledge of the spiritual realm to their team; Echoes is the core of their link with the mundane and technological world.


Ewan’s skills lie in spying, bending space and conceiving wards, through Techno-magic mainly focused on manipulating space and probabilities. He’s often seen using either his customized Smartphone or Grendel, his TriEdge netbook-sized computer, to perform those tasks.


+ Much to her stomach’s dismay, the author has been attempting to eat combination Echoes has ever been coming up with within the course of the story. (Well, at least that was still easier than drinking exactly the same things as the characters do in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises…) She has to admit that so far, the peanut butter/garlic-flavoured cheese sandwich has been the worst to fathom, followed closely by pickles dipped in Nutella. Probably because she doesn’t like peanut butter nor pickles, for starters.

+ When in dire and very stressful situations, Echoes tends to swear a lot, especially by dropping clusters of F—bombs. It feels quite weird for people who are only used to his nice side.

+ Echoes likes screwing with people’s minds online. He oftens leads them to believe he’s a woman, or even a collective: after all, his nickname is quite gender-neutral and plural to boot…