Here is the current cast of Was, in its glorious infamousness.

The rogues:

  • Louisa Keynes:
    A student at the LSE, she’s also a Techno-wizard (one who uses electronic devices, mainly computers, to cast her spells). Her powers awoke after a car accident left her in a coma for ten months; since that time, she’s trying to understand who she really is, and why she often dreams of weird and very vivid scenes where she’s not really herself. Her relationship with her family is quite conflictual, especially with her mother. She meets Lyle Karlowitz when the train they’re both riding crashes in the tunnel, and later realizes that she tends to think about him just a little too much.
  • Lyle Karlowitz:
    A strange and aloof young man who drives a black cab for a living. There is much more to him than meets the eye, though—for starters, the fact that he doesn’t age, is incredibly strong and resistant, and, as he says himself, is ‘probably not really human’. He also doesn’t know what happened to him in the past, except that whatever it was, it left him with a deep scar on his chest and stole most of his memories from him. He protects Lou from the creature in the tunnel; he too finds himself oddly attracted to her.

The Anima Mundi:

  • Ewan “Echoes” Doyle:
    Techno-wizard and Keeper for the Anima Mundi, he’s still relatively new at the job, but has quite useful abilities, notably mathematical skills, bending space, spying at a distance and creating wards. In his mundane life, he works as a network engineer for the A.T.C. company, and although he often dresses like your average salaryman, he’s got some noticeable quirks. His uncanny taste for weird food combinations tends to disgust his partner. His nickname comes from his ability to split his mind to perform his magic.
  • Ring:
    This secretive witch who uses blood to fuel her spells is Echoes’s partner in the Anima Mundi—and often wonders why the England Archon stuck her with him, since their ways of performing magic aren’t really compatible. She appears as a young girl, having sacrificed her adult body in exchange for more powers. While she poses as a calm person who’s always in control, she’s terribly frightened of the Keeper known as  ‘Zerstörer’, whom she worked with in Paris in 1989. Her nickname comes from her former Blood Circle, whose last representant she is.
  • Marek “Zerstörer” Van Cartier:
    An Anima Mundi Keeper with a rare ability to destroy and negate, Marek is Aristeles’ trump card, and one that is virtually unable to be killed. Although his behaviour is pleasant and no less than genial, he always ends up putting other people at unease—perhaps because he smiles all the time to start with. Beware his mild manners, for he’s able to very quickly cross the line, which happens quite often. His nickname was bestowed upon him by his cavalrymen at the Kahlenberg battle in 1683, and has stuck since then.
  • Aristeles “King Archon” Salonikos:
    Leader of the Anima Mundi and one of its first Keepers, this unobtrusive-looking Alchemist may very well hold the secret to immortality. While he appears as more interested in good wines, elegant clothing and playing chess with Marek than actually leading, he’s not as respectable as he seems. He’s considering getting rid of Marek, but doesn’t know how; besides, he still needs his power (and something else, too *coughs*). The latter is quite aware of it, and sometimes taunts him about that.
  • The Paris team:
    Characters who have appeared in Paris in 1989, during the hunt for Louis Valdemar. They are: Hannah ‘Korista’ Szolnoky (a Hungarian sorceress who uses songs as focus); Caliban (an arrogant mage of the True Names tradition, like Valdemar used to be); Paul Bachimont (nicknamed “The Dowser”, because he uses a pendulum); Miroir (a water spirit in a human body); and Moira McDowell (Liaison for this group of Keepers). Mention is also made of Demetria ap Gwenllian, who enchants items such as the spirit-trapping mirror.
  • The London team:
    Keepers who appear or are mentioned as beling related to the London area. Include: Simon “Root” Askar; Sarah “Doc” Everdene; Adrian Bennett; Melissa Everdene; Siocháin; Archon Catriona Galbraith; Alanna “Aleph” Wolsey.

The foes:

  • Amanda Devereux:
    This Necromancer was offered a powerful ability by Mother, allowing her soul to hop from body to body. To foil the Anima Mundi, she committed suicide in a spectacular way, knowing that she’d still go on living in another body. She was finally made prisoner in London by Marek, thanks to a spirit-catching mirror, and questioned by him, Echoes and Ring.
  • Mother/”the woman in white”:
    Her face always hidden under the hood of her long white cloak, this spiritual being exists in the world between worlds, hovering at the border between the Shadowlands and the Land of the Living. Where her heart should be, there’s only a deep hole, but contrary to a mere Heart-catcher, she seems to have retained her ability to think and look human, and is presently the mastermind behind a certain amount of things. She’s also interested in Louis Valdemar’s fate, in spite of his being dead.
  • Dana/”the woman in black”:
    Heartless servant of the woman in white, she spots Lyle on the Tottenham Court Road platform and taunts him, revealing to him that he has no heart either, at least on a spiritual level. She causes the train to crash, in order to kill its passengers and consume their souls. Later on, she’s been seen scolded by her mistress for her rash actions, although her crashing the coaches had been ordered to her by said mistress.
  • The Slicer:
    Dana’s “brother”, and just as Heartless. He’s able to delve into the Hive Mind, and control many Heart-catchers this way. He also displays a certain uncanny interest in some of the protagonists, enjoys watching them from the Deadlands through an enchanted mirror, and knows enough of the Anima Mundi’s tactics to avoid being caught.
  • Louis Valdemar:
    An old mage who used to hunt Necromancers on the other side of the Iron Curtain, he fought fire with fire and finally became just as despicable as those he wanted to destroy. In 1989, gone completely mad, he cast a powerful spell called the Dead Song, almost razing the city in the process.
  • Layla:
    The woman who faithfully served Valdemar in 1989. Nobody knows what has become of her since Valdemar’s death. According to the Anima Mundi’s reports, she wasn’t human anyway.