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Taking a few things down

January 17

I’m making the currently published episodes private only. This is only temporary: I’ve been correcting a lot of things in Was, and as such, there were changes in more than just a couple of parts of those texts.

They will be back shortly, probably in a day or two. The reason why I’m not doing that right now is because it’s past midnight, and I definitely need to rest. But keep tuned in. Things will change fast.


September 19

Flo_nelja, who reads my chapters as I post them, had nicely accepted a few “challenges” on my part to write about Was. These stories being already published on her blog, I saw it fit to add them to the Was website as well. And so, you can read them in the Fics section (beware, for they’re all three in French and not in English).

Hello world!

July 26

How we do love that good old standard “WordPress first post” title, don’t we? Well, I’m not going to be bothered to change it. Because this entry aims mainly at telling “look, look, I’m a new website and I’ve just gone live this morning”.

So, I guess that “Hello world!” doesn’t sound so bad.

Now for the why: why this blog/website, when I’m already posting my stuff on my writing blog?

The answer: because I improvised lots of things regarding this story during the first two weeks of NaNoWrimo—and as a result, lots of things there are totally outdated, and badly need being rewritten. This is as good a reason as another to update character sheets et al. on a proper website.

Was is a novel in progress started by Yzabel Ginsberg in November 2009 for NaNoWriMo, and providing its author with the kind of fun she hasn’t known in a long while.

The first volume, Was itself, weaves two major plotlines: one set in 2009 London, and the other in 1989 Paris. Light is also shed on several other events in 1654, 2008 and a few other significant dates (significant for the ones involved, that is). All the while, it follows the steps of several characters whose lives slowly become tangled after they witness strange occurrings closely linked to the world of the dead.

The second volume, Is, focuses on the 2009 arc, its other main timeframe being 1943 and—again—a couple of others.