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To read “Was” online…

October 12

Do not ever ask me why on Earth I didn’t mention it here. It’s not like it’s been ages, I mean, months, after all. Riiiight.

For the time being, you can read the first volume of Was on Wattpad. It’s about 2/3 completed, and will likely go away, or be reduced to the first few chapters, once I get to publish it as an ebook. In the meantime, well… Enjoy!

Read Was on Wattpad here.

Episode 1×01 is back online

January 22

[cref episode-1×01 Episode 1×01] is back online, with a lot of changes at that, since it was, originally, episode 3, which had never been published here yet. I changed the order of events a little.

Enter Marek Van Cartier. You’re going to love this guy. Or hate  him. Or both. I myself can’t decide yet.

And there we go: an introduction

January 18

Was is definitely probing much more of a bunch of conundrums than I would’ve thought at first. The fact that I just can’t give up on this story, and keep on striving to make it happen, is proof enough, though, that the will is here, and that it’s here to stay.

In the process of rewriting and reorganizing, as well as helping things start in a more dynamic way, I deemed it interesting to add an “Episode 0”. It’s not exactly a prologu, not exactly an introduction either, and could just as well be treated as a “chapter 1”; while I’m still pondering whether I’m going to divide Was into parts or not, it’s going to remain an “introduction” for the time being. Don’t worry, it’s no lengthy prologue nor info-dumping ground. Basically, it’s what may have happened if Echoes, in the original Chapter 1, had he been a tad bit faster to act.

This time, he was.

And thus goes the [cref episode-1×00 Introduction].

Episode 1×02 is online

April 15

Following my decision to post the first chapters online, here is [cref episode-1×02 Episode 1×02]. All I can hope for is that I managed to proofread properly enough, because it also got through a rewriting process at the same time, and those things as never so easy to manage as they seem at first.

I don’t know yet how many chapters I’ll post here. At the least, I want the main characters to be introduced, so a few more will follow, for sure. I’ll make a decision after that.

Publishing the first chapter

February 20

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been mulling about whether I should post Was online, or not—whether I should make it a totally free story, or only offer it in Kindle/POD formats.

To be honest, I’m still not sure about what I’ll do. But one thing is now clear in my mind: no matter which road I go, I want the first chapters, at least, to be free. I want people to be able to read it here, and form their own opinion.

And so, the first chapter is now online here: [cref episode-1×01 Episode 1×01]

Feel free to leave me any comments you’d wish to share. They’ll be much welcome.

Tropes page completed, at last

August 31

Well, I doubt it’s really complete, since I’m bound to add more tropes to it sooner or later… but at least, I’ve copied the list of Was TV tropes on this website. Since those were ready for ages, I don’t know why I hadn’t done that sooner. Oh, well.

List of Was tropes

Short stories and character profiles

March 26

Added a few more things today:

A teaser…

August 4

Back in October 2009, I had written a sort of summary/teaser for Was.

Although the story didn’t exactly go as planned (if I may use that word, because it was sure more improvised than planned on many accounts…), it only seems appropriate that I add it here as well—amended, that is.

Therefore, you can now read that “teaser” here.

Was is a novel in progress started by Yzabel Ginsberg in November 2009 for NaNoWriMo, and providing its author with the kind of fun she hasn’t known in a long while.

The first volume, Was itself, weaves two major plotlines: one set in 2009 London, and the other in 1989 Paris. Light is also shed on several other events in 1654, 2008 and a few other significant dates (significant for the ones involved, that is). All the while, it follows the steps of several characters whose lives slowly become tangled after they witness strange occurrings closely linked to the world of the dead.

The second volume, Is, focuses on the 2009 arc, its other main timeframe being 1943 and—again—a couple of others.