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Cover project

January 20

If there was ever any doubt left in my mind about this, now it’s gone: Was won’t be in one volume only.

And so I let my inspiration put my brain and hands into auto-pilot, and came up with a cover. In itself, it may not be the top-priority element in any story, not before it’s almost ready to be published, but I definitely needed that to fuel my own resolve some more.

You can see this cover in the Covers gallery. or directly by clicking on the thumbnail below:

Gallery – E & A

April 8

Kind of spoilerish, but I don’t really care that much at this point. I’m not going to wait for years to pass until I finally post those pictures!

A couple of add-ons in the Gallery section, regarding Ewan Doyle and Adrian Bennett: http://was.yzabel.net/gallery/characters/

Gallery update: Character sheets

January 15

Since I’ve been working on character sheets/files, and that a few more are in themaking, I’ve decided to reorganize the galleries a little, and actually add a Character Sheets section, so that the ‘real’ drawings all get to be in an album of their own.

More of Echoes

December 28

Two more illustrations in the characters gallery, both focused on Ewan/Echoes.

+ Night/Mare deals with Ewan’s past, and is meant to illustrate a short story (that I’ll probably post on this website at some point).  What, did you think that this character didn’t have his own skeletons in the big closet of surprises?

+ Blinded No More is about Ewan  and Adrian. The latter hasn’t been presented here yet, nor written into the story at this point, because the whole affair is a little complicated. (It’s another skeleton, alright.)

Quick gallery update

October 3

Added a couple of illustrations for Echoes, because I’m really into that guy at the moment. Well, one of them is quite straightforward. The other is… less evident if you don’t know him too well (or if you don’t read my comments under the picture, for that matter).

Recent pictures

July 12

I don’t draw that much for Was, which is a shame, so I tried to remedy this problem. The result isn’t too significant, but hey, at least I managed to draw Layla and Ring!

A few more for the Gallery

March 25

A few more pictures added in the Gallery—mostly characters depictions, but also a “Scenes” album, in which I’ll add the (few) drawings I did of, well, scenes that happened (or might have… or didn’t.. or never will!) in the story.


Working on the gallery

March 19

At last, I’ve remembered that since I had several pictures done for Was already, I’d better put them on the Gallery page here. Which is now done—well, for a few of them, at least: some of the early works I had done in 2008, the two tentative “chapter covers” I drew last year, and some mock “secrent agents files” that I had done for fun, last year as well.

More to come later on.

Was is a novel in progress started by Yzabel Ginsberg in November 2009 for NaNoWriMo, and providing its author with the kind of fun she hasn’t known in a long while.

The first volume, Was itself, weaves two major plotlines: one set in 2009 London, and the other in 1989 Paris. Light is also shed on several other events in 1654, 2008 and a few other significant dates (significant for the ones involved, that is). All the while, it follows the steps of several characters whose lives slowly become tangled after they witness strange occurrings closely linked to the world of the dead.

The second volume, Is, focuses on the 2009 arc, its other main timeframe being 1943 and—again—a couple of others.