January 18

Was is definitely probing much more of a bunch of conundrums than I would’ve thought at first. The fact that I just can’t give up on this story, and keep on striving to make it happen, is proof enough, though, that the will is here, and that it’s here to stay.

In the process of rewriting and reorganizing, as well as helping things start in a more dynamic way, I deemed it interesting to add an “Episode 0”. It’s not exactly a prologu, not exactly an introduction either, and could just as well be treated as a “chapter 1”; while I’m still pondering whether I’m going to divide Was into parts or not, it’s going to remain an “introduction” for the time being. Don’t worry, it’s no lengthy prologue nor info-dumping ground. Basically, it’s what may have happened if Echoes, in the original Chapter 1, had he been a tad bit faster to act.

This time, he was.

And thus goes the [cref episode-1×00 Introduction].